Hero Camper
Hero Camper

Hero Camper Ranger Columbus – from €26,340

If you enjoy exploring new outdoor destinations and crave the freedom of being on the move, our Hero Camper, designed in Denmark, is the ideal choice for you. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing day by the beach, basking in the sun and taking refreshing dips, or indulging in winter adventures like skiing, the Hero Camper ensures you always have a secluded, snug, and comfortable home to retreat to. Embrace the joy of exploration while enjoying the warmth and coziness of your mobile haven.

Hero Camper: Columbus package

  • – Including standard equipment (described below)
  • – Extra Support Leg for Front incl. mounting brackets
  • – 125W flexible solar panel kit with MPPT charge regulator
  • – 3 metre Awning
  • – Sides and fronts for 3 metre awning
  • – Ranger spare wheel incl. bracket
  • – Diamond plated fenders set
  • – Compressor cooling box
  • – Off road axle shock absorber protection
  • – Privacy curtain
  • – Hero Camper kitchen tent
  • – Color options: Light grey, dark grey, green or blue
Hero Camper interior
Hero Camper - interior

Minimalist designed interior

The minimalist cabin consists of two high-quality memory foam-mattresses and spacious storage options, so you always have an insulated, cozy, and warm base to return to.
  • – Minimalist Danish designed cabin
  • – One long shelf and two spacious wall cabinets
  • – Storage space behind the backrest
  • – Two door windows with integrated mosquito nets and mini pleated curtains with blackout
  • – Skylight with integrated mosquito net and mini pleated curtain with blackout
  • – Storage nets in both doors
  • – Dimmable LED lights in the cabin
  • – Two high-quality memory foam-mattresses (75 x 209 cm)
  • – Bluetooth soundbar

Unique Exterior

The Hero Camper is designed and built to last for many years due to the choice of materials and the engineerical solutions.
  • – Insulated FRP panel which provides efficient thermal effect
  • – Hot galvanized steel chassis
  • – Support legs of high-strength steel on the right and left side
  • – Extra support leg at the front for more stability
  • – Storage box made of matt black powder-coated aluminum of 57.5 liters
  • – Roof rack made of matt black powder-coated aluminum with a load capacity of up to 500 kg static and 100 kg dynamic
  • – Side-mounted ladder for easy access to the roof rack
  • – Fenders in matt black powder-coated aluminum flattened with a max. recommended carrying capacity up to 80 kg (tested up to 300 kg)
  • – Cast 17″ wheels with 265 / 65R17 off-road tires
Hero Camper - exterior
Hero Camper - Kitchen

Functional and elegant kitchen facilities

Behind the hatch of the Hero Camper you will find a spacious integrated outdoor kitchen. The kitchen contains a specially designed integrated sink in the tabletop, freshwater tank, great table space and storage options. Waste water from the sink floats out below the camper via a drain pipe.
  • – Modern minimalist stylish integrated kitchen
  • – Freshwater tank of 30 liters
  • – Full-width brushed steel table top with integrated sink and faucet
  • – 5 spacious aluminum drawers with stainless softclose rails
  • – Stainless steel rails for further storage of tableware etc.
  • – LED lights in kitchen

Electronics and LED lights

The Hero Camper has LED outdoor lights, dimmable LED lighting in the cabin, and a complete inverter package. In addition, the Hero Camper has fully patented #HeroCamper LED taillights which are a real eye-catcher.
  • – Patented #HeroCamper LED taillights and outdoor lights
  • – 4 easily accessible sockets of 230V
  • – 2 usb sockets of 5V
  • – 2 cigarette lighters of 12V
  • – Control system with soft-touch panel
  • – Converter: Nemo iddx 1230 DC / DC converter with built-in MPPT
  • – Battery: M-Lite quality Lithium battery 12V 30AH
  • – Battery charger: Trident battery charger 12V 10AH
Hero Camper - kitchen
Hero Camper


  • – Height: 232 cm
  • – Length: 482 cm
  • – Width: 230 cm
  • – Net weight: 827 kg
  • – Total weight: 900-1,200 kg
  • – Possible to upgrade the total weight up to: 1,300 kg
  • – Roof rack: Yes, Sky Mount: Width: 135 cm / Length: 208 cm
  • – Allowed load on roof rack when camping (static): 500 kg
  • – Allowed load on roof rack when driving (dynamic): 100 kg

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